I write songs and play shows, for fun. Here’s my band Sun Tunnels‘ latest release:

Here’s a video of us (me on guitar and vocals, Sam Jansons on drums, Seth Howard on bass) playing a song at a show:

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Sun Tunnels used to include Sarah McGuinn of the Fading Collection. One of our recordings was Song of the Day on KEXP:

Before all that I used to perform and record as the graze. The graze was active for around 8 years and received a certain amount of press and radio play, and toured the USA.

Click here for other recordings I’ve released.

Do you like what you hear, but aren’t sure what to do next?


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Other bands I’ve been in:

2013-2016 Lux Fontaine (guitar, vocals, songwriting)
2009-2013 An Invitation to Love (guitar, vocals, songwriting)
2002-2011 the graze (guitar, vocals, drums, bass, recording, songwriting)
2009-2010 Mississippi Painful (mandolin, guitar, drums, vocals)
2006-2007 Brent Amaker and the Rodeo (guitar)
2003-2008 Rosyvelt (bass, vocals)
2003 Daniel G. Harmann band (drums)
2001-2002 Shiloh/Utah Anvil (guitar, vocals)
2000 Summerset Frisbee (guitar)
1999 Weir Stupid/Foxy Mulder (guitar, vocals)
1998 Log Lady (bass, vocals)
1996 I Can’t Believe it’s a Band (guitar, vocals)

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