My most recent recording is a single with Lux Fontaine:

Sun Tunnels
 is a project with Sarah McGuinn of the Fading Collection. Our song “Notice Me” appeared on Ball of Wax #34 as well as on the KEXP Music that Matters podcast #398, and was KEXP’s Song of the Day on 4/17/2014:

My former grunge band An Invitation to Love made an EP called Boxcar:

As the graze I made two albums and two demos. You can listen to the albums here, then download them for free, choose your price, or buy them outright — just click the album titles or follow one of the store links.


CD Baby
May 2007 Demo

  1. apartment
  2. exception
  3. sheep
  4. canyonland
  5. those people
  6. tiger nightmare
  7. trip song
  8. six years
  9. Bucket (Jeff Mangum cover – mp3)
May 2006 Demo

  1. conditions
  2. price
  3. bastards
  4. cheap wine
  5. bet
  6. rust
  7. Here Comes the Revolution (Andrea Maxand cover)


I’ve been on some comps — mostly the quarterly Ball of Wax series, under different names.

Ball of Wax Vol. 27 (2012)
as Sun Tunnels
“All Kinds”
Get it!
Ball of Wax Vol. 24 (2011)
as Sun Tunnels
Get it!
Ball of Wax Vol. 22 (2010)
as the graze
“Trip Song”
Get it!
Ball of Wax Vol. 19 (2010)
An Invitation to Love
“Donna (to James)”
Get it!
Ball of Wax Vol. 18 (2009)
as Hot or Huguenot?
“If You Deny Me”
Get it!
Ball of Wax Vol. 7 (DVD 2007)
as the graze
Get it!
Ball of Wax Vol. 6 (2006)
as the graze
Get it!
Ball of Wax Vol. 4 (2006)
as the graze
“Here Comes the Revolution” (Andrea Maxand cover)
Get it!
Ball of Wax Vol. 2 (2005)
as the graze
Get it!
Baby Bok Choi Record Club Mystery Sampler #14
May 2003
“Doubt,” “Nostalgia”


The Laughing Group – New Uniform (2016)

Brent Amaker and the Rodeo – Please Stand By LP (2010)

Levi Fuller – Colossal LP (2009)
Backing vocals

Mississippi Painful – No Recession LP (2009)
Mandolin, guitar, drums, vocals

Brent Amaker and the Rodeo – Howdy Do LP (2008)
Backing vocals/noise

Daniel G. Harmann – Anthems From the Gentle War LP (2007)
Drums, guitar

Brent Amaker and the Rodeo – self-titled LP (2006)
Guitar, backing vocals

Rosyvelt – Applied Science LP (2006)
Bass, vocals, guitar, moog

Strength in Numbers compilation (2005)
Bass on Rosyvelt’s “Red Blood Cells” and “Aurora”

Daniel G. Harmann – The Lake Effect LP (2004)
Backing vocals

We Could Live in Hope – A Tribute to Low (compilation – 2004)
Drums, guitar on Daniel G. Harmann’s cover of “Words”

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