An Invitation to Love lyrics


ooh it’s been a long time
since I’ve been alone
and what did I get into
out here in the cold
sunlight, it burns my
face is an orphan
and heaven’s reward lies
out there on my skin
but I’ve been a long while in town
chasing my own
Laura’s a fine girl child now
but too many by one
silent, I bring my weighty dissent
my friends forgot how to lift it
forty years my attorney’s mind

I live in Leland


I remember seeing
all those things worth seeing
out there in that water
the devil and his daughter

’cause my own boxcar is what I’m looking for
you had me at I’ve been apostrophe’d

the consequence of being
all that I have been being
all that violence without a fight
’cause you are me and I am fine

’cause my own boxcar is what I’m looking for
you had me at I’ve been apostrophe’d
these eyes they don’t lie
they show me what I am needing
’cause you had me at you had me at
may I assassinate you


man, you will laugh
I was away but now I’m back
you see what I am
we only have to convince one another
that I’ll be straight and sober

what gave me away?
see what I mean when I say I’m your lover
I won’t let you get over me

without me you’re nothing
you know what?
you had to see this coming
I know you were with him
now you will know
what breaks my inhibitions
and feeds my acid eyes
and anchors like a meter
my fair-weather ally
nobody wants to meet her

and my one last promise is
humble like a leper
that you will live long enough
to pay for your want of effort


you could see I haven’t been
half the quiet innocent that I appear
to you half-wit idiots
nevermind that apparently I’m dead

yeah.. don’t change a thing baby you’re golden!

you can shove it, you ineffective
I never wanted, I never needed, I’m taking back what you could give
you’re not a mother fit for the power
you could have had over him


and as for you, I’m taking back
what you took out, pushing in
you won’t need it anyway
only my good name


bite the bullet baby
I won’t have you in rags
whoever you are

I’m just a simple ugly man
I know what I like but I’m not much with plans

but who would have thought? not me
that I would see you, not as you seem —
a dirty, little, rotten thing —
but a light at the end of my dream