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Hiya. There are some new tour dates added to the tour page, which is good. Chicago and Baltimore, ‘sup? The Baltimore gig is interesting, because it means I have to drive 10 hours to Charleston the next day, then 10 hours back to Arlington the day after that. All those years in the Kiss Army have made me equal to this task.

In other news, I played with Rosyvelt (my other wife) and a band called Mouseheart Factor on Friday in Anacortes. It went really well, and if you get a chance to see Mouseheart Factor, you definitely should. They were essentially prog rock, if they’ll forgive me for calling it that.. kinda Muse, kinda Radiohead, kinda Yes. The band employs two keyboardists and some very sophisticated (proggy) songwriting, but they’re also seriously emotive and melodic.

Speaking of cool bands, I saw wesafari at a house party. They were yet another ridiculously talented local band that I’ve never heard of, that ought to be widely listened to and admired. Among the more instantly notable aspects of this band is that their drummer plays what sound like Bjork techno beats — which he does continuously — and the singer plays a Rhodes electric piano through an array of effects pedals. Lots of Line 6 delay modelers all around, and they know how to use them.

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