Aurafice then, now Missoula

A lot has happened this week. Right now I’m in Missoula, but more on that later.. in the meantime: there are some more stations on the list now — I didn’t have time to put up all of them, but it looks like it’s going pretty well. I’m in the process of getting Iowa Anvil on Amazon — that should be ready in a few days if I keep hitting internet cafes on the road. I didn’t have time to get shirts up on the site, which is sad, but just as well. I need to order more of them in strategic sizes. The CD release/tour kickoff at Aurafice was amazingly wonderful. My friends are the best.

And now I’m in Missoula. I’m right now making the decision to put the tour stuff on a [different page], as it’s going to get lengthy.

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