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tonight I’ll be playing on Hollow Earth Radio on the Internet on the Leaky Pipes radio show, and then Friday the band is back together to play the album release for Give/Sell, at Cafe Venus/Mars Bar. I’ve explained that elsewhere, I think, but there it is again. Here’s an excellent poster from Jeffrey Henry:

2010/03/05 cafe venus

Hilariously, Open Choir Fire has a much better take on it. This is their email blast on the subject:

Hello again!
Say, if you’ve ever caught Open Choir Fire live, you know it may be all good times and jollies, being the irreverently careless side project (and hugely successful cash cow) that it is, but I bet you didn’t know that we also have a serious side as well.
Mississippi Painful started as an dadaist installation art project of Brian and Terry’s from back in our optimistic college days. Meant to shine a light what we believed to be an insurmountable socioeconomic chasm between the classes, the original installation consisted of two plastic champagne glasses filled with red and blue jello (dis)respectively, highlighting the oxygenated, de-oxygenated blood that runs through all our veins, regardless of class standing, atop a pile of mixed women’s lingerie. This came along with musical accompaniment (played live by Brian on his tenor sax, “Goldilocks”): A proverbial “broken record” of repeated overtones and deep harmonics, meant to symbolize humanity’s solipsistic inability to truly connect with [on any deep level], not only other forms of (un)natural life (nature, religion, etc.), but ultimately our own true inner selves.
Just kidding. As usual, it will just be us and our more talented friends getting dangerously drunk and playing country music. This time we have an album No Recession available for purchase. Also it is a CD Release party for the Graze’s new fucking album Give/Sell, which you need to have. And local heartthrob Seth Howard is playing as well, so there you have it. BTW, the Graze will be giving you a delicious taste tonite, playing live on Hollow Earth Radio, at about, oh let’s say 8PM.

Friday, March 5th
Mars Bar/Cafe Venus
& present…
The Graze
Mississippi Painful
Seth Howard
it’s a bar


Quick reminder that tonight is the album release show.. Cafe Venus at 9pm sharp.

In other news, the Seattle Weekly had a great writeup for the album and the show.

Also, Give/Sell is going into rotation on KEXP 90.3 FM in Seattle, which is exciting.. I hear that place is good. Call them up and request something!

And finally, I believe KUPS 90.1 FM in Tacoma is spinning the album as well…

KUPS logo

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