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Friends from out of town who visit me here in Seattle have commented that we have a lot of Subways (as in the sandwich place), and fewer of the other types of fast food outlets that you see elsewhere in the US. Here’s another one “coming soon” by the ferry terminal that I saw the other day:

Do we have a lot of subways? What an important question. Let’s do some unscientific science. Here’s a google map of the downtown/capitol hill/central dist./queen anne/rainier valley bits of town and an overlaid “businesses” search for “subway sandwiches:”

20 dots means there are 20 of them, right? I checked, they seem to all be subway franchises and not some other business named subway sandwiches. Here’s McDonalds:

quite a difference there. How about KFC..

Crap. What about local favorite Ivar’s?

Over the same map, burger king showed 1, local chain Dick’s had 2, and then I got bored of looking. Conclusion: there are a lot of subways.

Wow, what a dumb blog post.

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  1. Brian says:

    check out how many dairy queens there are. zero! I have to drive to edmonds or the eastside to get a butterfinger blizzard

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