Honeycreeper – Live at the Lion’s Den 3/27/2004

(Note: I wrote a few reviews for what turned into the “bad at listening” series a couple of years before the Ball of Wax blog got started. Most of these were for and about me more than is appropriate for Ball of Wax, so I’m posting them here.)

I played with Honeycreeper at the Mojo in Baltimore in August 2004. I remember this show particularly because it ended about fifteen minutes into my set, on account of nobody was there, and I got screwed into playing last. That was also the night my friend Sarah from high school came up from Gaithersburg to see the show, and also the night I drank a lot of tequila with the bartender after the club closed. I don’t remember much after that.

My guess is Honeycreeper were using this CD as their demo at that time to get gigs… it was clearly recorded at a show as there are lots of people talking throughout, the mix is uneven, and about halfway through a bunch of digital glitching makes the CD unlistenable. Before that happens though the CD does do a good job of getting across what the band is all about, which is high-energy fast-tempo rock/funk/fusion (in their words: “punkadelic funk rock”) performed by very good players. Think Heart if Heart were hippies, and throw in some Blondie, No Doubt, Zeppelin, and lots of jazzy solos.

Slightly unusual is that singer Mandy Beck plays a baritone sax… I don’t see that too often. I see from their website they’re still going strong, and have released a couple of high-quality albums since this demo came out, not bad:


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