Anacortes double header

(eds. note: this is the sort of thing you can expect to see maybe once every other month if you sign my mailing list. Also this is a real event happening tomorrow in Anacortes.)

Hello everyone,

I’m using a sports reference (double-header) to describe what’s happening Saturday. It means something happens, then some other thing, then everyone goes home.┬áNailed it!

Sun Tunnels (formerly the graze) is playing at the Brown Lantern tavern in Anacortes, Washington, Saturday (tomorrow) 1/28. Sorry for the late notice! Right after Sun Tunnels will be An Invitation to Love, meaning that I personally will be performing for two hours in a row. I don’t remember writing that many songs, but we timed it at rehearsal and there it is.

Here’s a flyer:

Long-time listeners might recall the last time I played there was 2004. No doubt everyone in Anacortes remembers and will throw me a parade.

Hope to see you there!


PS: That pretty full-color photo was taken by our friend Josh at our Josephine show back in November. Thank you Josh. The Brown Lantern’s booker Erik made the flyer. Thank you Erik.

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