Nice NMH cover

I just heard this:

on a site devoted to covers, via Brent Amaker, who also has a song on there. It’s really well done by an Albuquerque band called Sad Baby Wolf. Their recording is very close to the original, but just different enough to be worth doing.

Last week I posted some thoughts about NMH and seeing Jeff Mangum at the Moore and then made it private because I’d rather keep (most of) it to myself. The short version is that I’m kind of over it. NMH felt more meaningful when I was younger, which is a bit sad to realize but there it is. Hearing that cover though brought a bit of it back. I used to cover “Everything Is” a lot during the summer as it’s a good summer song, and one of NMH’s more cheerful, Tall Dwarfs-ish sounding ones.

Coincidentally enough I just went to Sad Baby Wolf’s website and, in addition to the band having former Shins members in it, also has Sean McCullough on bass, whom I met that fateful night in Albuquerque when Jeff Mangum was in the bar and overheard me cover “Engine.” I hung out with Sean that night and the next year when I came through Albuquerque again. It’s good to see he’s still active in the ALB scene, and damn I quite enjoy these coincidences.

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