New demo and love for SoundCloud

Hi there, check out this demo:

It’s the first finished song for an album concept I’m working on and the first thing I’ve published on SoundCloud.

I’ve been shilling SoundCloud to my friends a lot lately because I’m so impressed with it. When I first heard about SC I tried to ignore it — I figured it was yet another way to do music stuff on the web, among hundreds, probably to be short-lived, and didn’t want to bother with it. It’s a couple of years later now so I’m late to the game, but after trying it out I think it’s great. The interface is intuitive, a bit crowded with some redundant elements but still easy to use. I like that you can keep tracks private and share them with other SC users (or email a link to someone outside SC) before you make them public. I like how it keeps stats and gives you lots of options for downloads vs. streaming, etc. The iPhone app is very good.

Their dashboard “stream” is interesting philosophically — you see new tracks by the people you befriend as they share them. It’s like the old days of trading CDRs or tapes, only instant, less tactile, and more single-oriented as opposed to collections of related songs. So, it tracks with how music is now experienced in the mp3 age, which makes sense. People go back and forth as to whether that’s good or not, but in any case their developers have done a great job and I like it.

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