Pinback, Deep Sea Diver, etc.

I work at a music radio station, possibly the best one there is. I’m not as big a music fan as most everyone there, which is a bit weird what with being a musician and all, but there it is. Actually the two facts are related, as being a songwriter and recordist has ruined me as a music fan, because it’s made it harder to be a passive listener, and/or an active listener not distracted by minutia.

So actually, working there is perfect, because I hear everything, songs are constantly playing in the background even if I can’t put a name to them. Consequently I’ve developed a process where if I notice something on the air I like enough to look it up on the playlist, and it’s the same band/album/song twice or more, then I’ve found what may become my next thing.

Sadly, I don’t get into nearly enough next things. End of the year is top ten list time, I’ve got maybe.. Four? I don’t know.

Regardless, I’ve added at least Grimes this year via the above method, and now Pinback‘s new album Information Retrieved. I’m listening to it now, on vinyl, natch, because our yearly bonus is at a music store and I may as well get the vinyl. Lost Lander was also great this year, but I know that guy and contributed to the Kickstarter so it doesn’t count.

Grimes - Visions Pinback - Information Retrieved Lost Lander - DRRT

In almost related news, I saw Deep Sea Diver on Friday at a packed Neumos and they were great. Jessica Dobson is decidedly badass.

Finally, I had a run of indifferent luck with most of the shows I mentioned in my last post. The Kennewick gig was canceled earlier in the week (for good reasons, butstill), then I had dumb last-minute car trouble and missed my Portland show, and finally Centralia was, uh, how to put it. Not great. I’ll try again, certainly, but it’s real hit or miss there.

That said, the show at the Copper Gate a couple of Sundays ago was great — many thanks to Kubby Casual for inviting me and then playing drums for my set. After taking so much time off from consistently playing solo I forgot that it’s a lot of ups and downs. I’m remembering now.

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