Notice Me

I’m excited to report that the sun tunnels song “Notice Me” is featured on the KEXP Music that Matters podcast #398. This is the same “Notice Me” that appeared on Ball of Wax #34┬áback in November. If you like it you can even buy it for 50 cents. (Which you should, because of capitalism.)

KEXP Logoball of wax 34

It feels really great to be a. noticed (ha), and b. in such good company, in the mix with a bunch of other great bands including Iska Dhaaf, who are pretty awesome. Cheryl picks good music, many thanks to her for listening to our track and liking it so much.

FYI, this recording came together last year after I started going to Sarah McGuinn‘s house to record songs with her. She took what I had of this song and did some arranging, then recorded most of it. I’d come over to sing and play my guitar, and she took care of the rest, except bass, which was Sugar McGuinn. It turned out really well, so we’ll keep doing that.

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