Arduino Morse – pt. 2 – only Morseo

In my last post I wrote about a Morse code project I wrote for Arduino. I have a few additions to make on that subject..

Firstly, I rewrote the main bits of this code as a library, and renamed it Morseo (pronounced “more so.” It’s like a pun). It’s on GitHub now as well.. I’ll probably delete the old project.

In the course of turning it into a library I learned a few things.. primarily, how to turn it into a library. Arduino’s guide to making a library uses as an example a program that flashes, wait for it, Morse code. That was a fun coincidence, though I would note their example only flashes “SOS,” and mine does more than that. Still, kind of annoying. I’m under no impression that this project is unique, but I’d prefer it not to resemble the boilerplate.

Secondly, Arduino is coded in C++, not so much C, as I asserted in my last post. Duly noted.

Finally, Arduino includes a serial library for writing messages back to the PC host you’ve plugged it into via USB. Somehow I neglected to know this when I developed Morseo, which meant I had exactly one LED to debug with. This made debugging a lot of fun — seriously, it was a fun challenge — but more tedious than necessary. Next time, I’ll use the serial library to send myself messages, and I would hope anyone approaching Arduino programming for the first time knows this at the beginning.

Up next: I have a wifi adapter now, I think a good next step would be to flash statements from a Twitter account or something.

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