State of the Graze

I sometimes get asked when my next record is coming out. It’s true I’m taking a long time at it, to the extent that I don’t want to make predictions. And yet, a lot of music-related activity is going on. Two weekends ago I visited Portland to help out on Daniel G. Harmann‘s next album, which is pretty far along already and sounding very good. The next day I helped engineer on Brent Amaker and the Rodeo‘s upcoming recordings. The Rodeo’s Tim Harmon (of Troop 237 fame) is employing a “one-mic” technique for these songs, using vintage equipment, so we got to pretend we were at Sun in the 50s. I got to hit some “record” and “rewind” buttons. And then three days later Rosyvelt came over to the basement to continue work on our upcoming first album. Then, on Saturday, I figured out what was causing a parasitic humming noise in my studio (a ground loop), and made some progress on an Andrea Maxand cover I’m doing for Ball of Wax. And then in the last couple of days I recorded a drum track that may or may not make it into the song Dan and I were working on the other weekend.

So you can see why things are taking a while.

I have time for dumb things too: I created a photos page since we have a lot of them now.

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