Ball of Wax Vol. 4, and Tour

A week ago yesterday, Ball of Wax Volume 4 was released, featuring 16 songs by local artists all of whom covered each other. I covered Andrea Maxand‘s “Here Comes the Revolution,” and Smile Brigade covered my song “Devices.” Rosyvelt is on it too (featuring your’s truly moonlighting as a rock drummer), as is Seth Howard, and a bunch of our local faves. It’s a great comp, and it’s cheap — click here to see it on the J-Shirt Records homepage with links to buy it via PayPal. It’s $4! And that includes shipping! As always, many thanks to Levi Fuller for putting it all together.

In other news, in two weeks I’m going on a short Northwest tour. Check out the schedule, and come see me if you’ll be in Portland, OR, Kennewick, WA, Pullman, WA, Spokane, WA, or Missoula, MT.

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