May 2006 Demo

I finished a demo yesterday, which is exciting for me as it’s been two years since Iowa Anvil came out. It’s also just in time for my tour which starts today. There are seven songs: two of them have appeared on Ball of Wax compilations (“Conditions” on Volume 2, “Here Comes the Revolution” on Volume 4). Among the rest, two are pretty much done, one is halfway there, and two are just demos. Here’s the track listing:

1. Conditions
2. Price
3. Bastards
4. Cheap Wine
5. Bet (the Jesus song)
6. Rust
7. Here Comes the Revolution (Andrea Maxand)

Here’s what it looks like:

May 2006 demo



I’ve only made 50 of these, burned on CDR, individually stamped and numbered. They’ll be available at shows for $4, or for free if I like ya!

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