Demo release!

Two things: the tour went well, and was a lot of fun. Many thanks to everyone who booked me, played with me, and/or came to the shows. I hope to visit again soon.

Second, since I still have a few copies of the May 2006 demo left, I decided to make my show tomorrow into a demo release party of sorts. What with everyone who wrote to reserve a copy, and the folks who say they’re going to the show tomorrow, I think I’ll be sold out pretty quickly. So that’s good, it’s time to plan a real release.

Ok, that’s all. PS: The show tomorrow is at Cafe Venus, 609 Eastlake E. in Seattle, and it starts at 9. Brent Amaker and the Rodeo and Wil-Ru are playing as well, which I’m really excited about. See you there.

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