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Hi, long time no post. Here’s the news: the long-awaited Rosyvelt album is all mixed and mastered, and we’re finishing up the artwork for a November 7 release date, and a November 3 CD release party. I know you’re not supposed to set these dates until you have the finished product in your hand, but what are you gonna do. This album will be on J-Shirt, numbered JS02, which is pretty cool. I like it. I think the album turned out well.

Speaking of music, today I listened to all the mp3s I could find on Matt Sheehy’s website, and I’m liking them a lot. A lot. I think his new songs are as good if not better than his old ones, and his old ones are very good. I can’t wait to hear the LP when it’s finished.

Oh yeah, there’s more. I’ve heard the Rodeo record we recorded in July and it’s even better than expected. It’s very short, only 24 minutes, but they’re a very entertaining 24 minutes. I can’t get enough of it. And finally, I submitted a demo of a newish song of mine called “Sheep” for Ball of Wax 6, so that should be appearing in a couple of months.

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