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Things have been very busy lately. First, I guess I’m in the Rodeo now. Last week I bought the uniform and played my first show with them, on acoustic rhythm guitar. Traditionally, each member of the Rodeo has to have at least one show where they’re too plowed to play correctly, and I got that out of the way right off the bat. Despite my messing up a lot, the band and the audience seemed to have a good time. I’m very excited to play with this band. I’ve been a fan of Brent’s songwriting for years, I love the Rodeo concept, and they’re also a great bunch of fellas to spend time with. I forsee having a blast and a half.

In other project news, last weekend I had Open Choir Fire in my studio to record a couple of songs, and that went extremely well. They’re a very tight band, and I think we worked pretty well together. The two songs are among their best I think, and have been stuck in my head all week.

Regarding the graze, I have until the end of the month to not only record a song (“Price”), but make a video for it as well, for Ball of Wax 7 (the DVD edition). I think I’ve almost got the drums done. It’s hard but I’m trying not to schedule any other projects, except for Seth Howard, who’s in the same boat and whom I’m helping record a song. Wish us luck.

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