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Anatomy of a song – Sun Tunnels “Saturday”

Cast your mind back to the year 2000. Remember it? I do, some of it, and one thing I did late that year and early 2001 was to write a song called “Saturday.” “Saturday” is one of the more upbeat … Continue reading

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Old Haunts Volume 1

Somehow I neglected to mention on my own blog that I released an EP of music. This EP here in fact:   I posted about the first song already, and I’ll be posting about the rest of them over time. … Continue reading

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Conor Byrne show coming up + Ball of Wax #33

In all the excitement of not posting much lately, I forgot to post this: I’ve actually lost count of how many Ball of Wax comps I’ve been on in the last 9 years, and the fact that it’s been that … Continue reading

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New old song

This is an old song (~11 years) and old recording (~4 years) but a new mix. I’m never quite satisfied with the mixes I do of this song, but this one is pretty good with headphones. I’ll keep at it. … Continue reading

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Ball of Wax Volume 27

I have a song on Ball of Wax #27, the quarterly audio comp (and, more recently, blog) my pal Levi Fuller has been putting out since 2005. This is my ninth appearance on the series, making me exactly 1/3rd committed … Continue reading

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Boxcar CDs

Last week the physical CDs for An Invitation to Love’s EP Boxcar arrived. They look like this: We didn’t order very many and they’re mostly to send to radio and press and bookers. Otherwise we wouldn’t have ordered them. It’s … Continue reading

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Band news… An Invitation to Love

That’s band news, not bad news. The opposite, actually: our EP is finished, and posted up on Bandcamp¬†and on¬†our website, and boom! Right here: It’s free, so go download it and blast it in your car stereo. There are still … Continue reading

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