I write songs and play shows, for fun.

Sun Tunnels is my solo music project. Here’s an EP I released:

Sun Tunnels used to include Sarah McGuinn of the Fading Collection. Here’s a song we recorded that was once Song of the Day on KEXP:

I used to perform and record as the graze. The graze was active for around 8 years and received a certain amount of press and radio play, and toured the USA.

Lux Fontaine is me and drummer Sam Jansons:

These songs give an idea of what I sound like by myself:


Here’s a video. Note that it was taken a while ago, I don’t wear that sweater anymore.

Most of my other recordings have drums and bass and whatnot in them, but I can play most of those songs without those things. Here are some of my favorites:


Do you like what you hear, but aren’t sure what to do next?


Send me email. I’m always up for playing out more.

Other bands I’ve been in

2009-2013 An Invitation to Love (guitar, vocals, songwriting)
2002-2011 the graze (guitar, vocals, drums, bass, recording, songwriting)
2009-2010 Mississippi Painful (mandolin, guitar, drums, vocals)
2006-2007 Brent Amaker and the Rodeo (guitar)
2003-2008 Rosyvelt (bass, vocals)
2003 Daniel G. Harmann band (drums)
2001-2002 Shiloh/Utah Anvil (guitar, vocals)
2000 Summerset Frisbee (guitar)
1999 Weir Stupid/Foxy Mulder (guitar, vocals)
1998 Log Lady (bass, vocals)
1996 I Can’t Believe it’s a Band (guitar, vocals)

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