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Light rail to U District opening day

It happened, can you believe it? I took a ride on opening day so I could say I did. Here are some pictures.    

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New Washington Hotel 1911

From my late uncle’s estate: I understand my great-grandparents took this home I would guess on October 5 1911. Last month my aunt was moving out of the house that she and my uncle (also named Louis O’Callaghan, coincidentally) lived … Continue reading

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Blast from the 1995

All the way up to 4.1! Now it’s trash.

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Faraway, So Close

Early last year something reminded me of this song that I hadn’t heard in a long time, I now realize it’s my favorite U2 song. U2 ~ Stay (Faraway, So Close!) ’93 by seasonwitch I remember hearing it on my … Continue reading

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Happy new year

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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, sorry about that. Things have been busy, with not much time for writing. On the work front, I’m starting a new job soon. On the band front, Sun Tunnels is a … Continue reading

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Pinback, Deep Sea Diver, etc.

I work at a music radio station, possibly the best one there is. I’m not as big a music fan as most everyone there, which is a bit weird what with being a musician and all, but there it is. … Continue reading

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