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Anatomy of a song – Sun Tunnels “I Guess Not”

Eds. note: this post is the third in a series of posts about songs from my last EP. A theme I’m playing with in my latest EP Old Haunts Volume 1, and for that matter any other volumes I might … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a song – Sun Tunnels “Fruit Fly”

In 2001 I wrote a song called “Fruit Fly” and then recorded it in 2008, here it is now: This is its story. I built it on an A chord shape with embellishments that follow the main vocal melody, which … Continue reading

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Cakewalk Sonar .wav import and Zoom H2

The best thing about the Internet, maybe, is that it instantly (instantly!) provides an answer to whatever weird question you might have about whatever. When it does not provide an answer though, I get bummed out. Then I have to … Continue reading

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