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Every website needs a news section. The news: the old /lohan/ part of this website is now all moved to /thegraze/. Not that anyone read it ever, but it was up for three years or so. Ah, the memories. Other news: the Vera benefit at Megan and Andy’s house yesterday was a lot of fun, and I hope it generated some cash for Vera. Thanks to Theo from Water Kill the Sun for hooking me up with the gig. A strange thing: Andrea Maxand played yesterday as well, and we have two more dates together in the near future: next Tuesday the 15th at Chop Suey, and a month after that at the Rendezvous. Hopefully this is the start of a trend, as I would like to play all my shows with Andrea. Or with Dorkweed. Or Rosyvelt. Finally: Iowa Anvil should be available at Easy Street Records sometime this week.

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