Yet another blog

Louis here,

over the years I’ve had a lot of websites:

  • (my record label experiment; various iterations)
  • (my solo music project; various iterations)
  • (a short-lived concert series — long gone)
  • (an expired/failed idea/site to write about misc. projects)
  • ????.??? (a much-neglected site to write semi-anonymously about misc. projects and other things)
  • (my other band)
  • (endless years ago)
  • any number of myspaces, tumblrs, bloggers, facebook, cllct, bandcamps… an endless array of digital repetition.

There are other sites as well coming up now that I’m renaming my music project, and needs effort and content, and on and on. Separately, I’ve been writing for That’s been nice.

But my point: it’s all over the place, scattered like my mind. The only solution was to create yet another website, and maybe eventually just roll some/most of the above into this and simplify things. Also, I bought my name in DNS. Also, ball of wax doesn’t publish everything I write, so I can put that unpublished stuff here. Because words are precious, and if they’re not on the internet they don’t exist. Publish or perish! I’m sure this is what that means.

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