Lots of shows coming up

UPDATED: the show Saturday in Kennewick has been canceled. I’ll try again soon.

I’m carrying over from the summer this thing of playing a lot of shows out of town. I like to play out but can’t do it more than once a month in Seattle, so this is how I get around that. It’s also way fun and I like that I’m not driving more than 3 hours between shows, unlike my last set of solo tours, when I’d sometimes drive 12-13 hours. That was dumb. Don’t get me wrong, I hope to do it again someday. But it’s dumb.

Next show is this Friday the 16th in Portland, Oregon at the Waypost, with Dan Lurie — here’s a facebook evite.

That’s followed the next day at the Stove Top in Kennewick, WA. There’s a facebook thing for that too.

Then Thanksgiving happens, followed by a sort of interesting gig that Sunday the 25th at the Copper Gate in Ballard, Seattle. I’ll be accompanied by a drummer and a pedal steel guitarist whom I’ve yet to meet.

Then Tuesday I’m coming back to the Hub in Centralia, with Stephen Kattenbraker. Jeffrey Henry made a great poster for it:

Finally, I’ll be at the Black Dog in Snoqualmie, Washington on December 21. More details on my shows page.

At this point I’m tempted to wax philosphic on the meaning of it all, but I won’t. Come see me play, it’s what I do best.

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